ATV Bike

ATV Bike

ATV Bike is an adrenaline-fueled extreme racing game in which you ride off-road on ATVs and tackle numerous challenges that will push you to the limits of your abilities. So, you may choose from a wide range of ATV models, each with its own set of characteristics and capabilities. Get behind the wheel and feel the rush of authentic damage and speed that will have you on the tip of your seat. Move through numerous city locations, showcasing your ability to perform motocross jumps and overcome the challenges of the exciting arena. Perform mind-blowing stunts to get important rewards and showcase your abilities. Conquer endless fields, difficult slopes, and stunning mountains to achieve off-road dominance. Good luck!

How to play

  • WASD/Arrow keys - movement
  • Space - handbrake
  • L - ride a wheelie
  • C - change camera view
  • K - tricks
  • G - slow motion
  • I - start/stop the engine

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