Funny Mad Racing

Funny Mad Racing

Funny Mad Racing welcomes you to a beautiful pixel world with the most challenging roads. Experience breathtaking driving through terrain with tricky designs and obstacles. Can you master your balance and conquer the difficult levels?

The appeal of Funny Mad Racing comes not only from the addictive driving gameplay but also from the diversity of features. Players can choose single-player or two-player mode, suitable for all their entertainment needs. Besides, the changes in terrain and weather also make this game feel like a real adventure. Levels with more difficult maps will open as you successfully guide the off-road vehicle to the finish line. Controlling gravity in every movement is the key to glorious achievements. Your accumulated reward points can be used to exchange for a variety of new items in the in-game shop. Unlock all the off-road cars in this game to show off your driving skills!

Navigate Your Off-Road Car

With just the familiar arrow keys, you can fully experience the thrilling adventure challenges in this skill game.

  • UP arrow: go straight; hold down to accelerate.
  • DOWN arrow: go backwards.
  • LEFT arrow: leaning to the left.
  • RIGHT arrow: leaning to the right.

Depending on the main direction of movement of the entity, these command keys are always correct! You need to pay attention to key combinations to make effective adjustments, especially in mid-air situations or when gaining momentum.

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