Drift Hunters

Drift Hunters is an exciting drift racing game where you will participate in breathtaking races on unique tracks. In this game, you will feel the excitement of speed and the feeling of power when drifting through dangerous corners. First of all, customize the car according to your own style. Vehicle selection and customization are important parts of achieving racing success. You can choose from a diverse range of vehicles, from classic to modern. Each type of car has different features and travel characteristics.

Each race in Drift Hunters is challenging and requires extreme concentration. You will have to perform skillful drifts through corners and maintain a steady speed to achieve the highest score. Players can follow the map in the left corner of the screen for timely navigation. Your goal is to complete the race in the shortest possible time. Therefore, avoid unnecessary collisions so as not to waste time.

How To Play

Entering the world of endless challenges, you can choose one of the diverse racetrack systems to start. In the main round, you use the arrow keys to control the car. To drift, you just need to perform a combination of the movement key (forward or backward) and the turn key (left or right). Your score will depend on the frequency and strength of each drift. This cumulative achievement will help you unlock upgrades for your vehicle.

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