Drift Boss

Drift Boss will put players in the role of a talented driver, with the goal of performing skillful drifting on challenging tracks. You will experience the thrill and excitement of driving on continuously curving roads. Players need to navigate a car to perform precise and skillful drifts to go as far as possible. Although it requires meticulousness and dexterity, this game is not limited to participants. You can be completely new and still get impressive scores with this difficult challenge.

Explore the Stunning Features

  • Endless Track: The breathtaking journey in Drift Boss has no stop, no destination. Each time they participate, players will experience different road designs.
  • Accessibilities: To optimize your performance in each turn, you can use bonuses that are exchanged for coins.
  • Daily Rewards: This amazing feature will give you random rewards every day. They can be coins or accessibility items.
  • Reset Game: This feature will help you reset all current experiences and achievements (including your records).

Controls and some Tips

You will not be able to manage the speed of the main entity. To control the character, click or press the spacebar to drift, and release to return to the initial direction. You should only steer your car to drift when approaching a turn. In continuous turning segments, continuous movement is not necessary. Another little trick that can help you improve your performance is collecting coins

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