Hill Climb on Moto Bike

Hill Climb on Moto Bike is the ultimate combination of racing and adventure gameplay. This engaging game will take you on an exciting and adventurous journey through steep hills and harsh terrain. You will maneuver a motorcycle through different levels, with the main goal being to overcome obstacles and achieve the highest score. However, the path is not always dark and full of challenges.

Start your journey to conquer 60 challenging levels now! Guide your motorcycle and achieve perfect balance to overcome rough terrain. Each of your achievements in the rounds will be the key to outstanding upgrades. The more you progress, the more technical your motorcycle becomes. Players can immerse themselves for hours in journeys that cannot be found anywhere else. Master the steering wheel and suppress levels like a professional racer.

Control Your Moto

Your off-road motorbike features physics-based movement. Therefore, navigating and mastering every situation in Hill Climb on Moto Bike is not simple. You need to know how to flexibly use the arrow keys as well as combine them in the necessary segments.

You control the motorbike to move by using the up (go to the left side of the screen) and down arrows (go to the right side of the screen). At the same time, press the left arrow key to get gravity from the back and the right arrow to get gravity from the front of the character.

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