Hill Climb: Pixel Car

Hill Climb: Pixel Car

Get ready for a colorful and exciting journey with Hill Climb: Pixel Car! Designed with a unique pixel style, this exciting racing game is a challenge to your driving talent and skills. Discover the special features of this game now!

Understand the Game Rules

In Hill Climb: Pixel Car, your mission is to drive through harsh terrain and reach the finish line before your opponents. Players will face the challenge of overcoming obstacles and collecting coins to upgrade their vehicles. The endlessly winding roads of the mountainous region can cause incidents to occur mid-race. You need to skillfully adjust the balance of your vehicle to continue the round. The primary goal is to finish in first place.

Your scores and achievements will be the keys to unlocking extremely attractive features. You can browse the in-game shop to customize or buy new epic off-road vehicles. Besides, players can also change their character when they have enough money to exchange. The necessary upgrades will make your car look amazing and can help you improve your performance in every competition.

Control Your Off-Road Car

First of all, choose one of two modes: Casual or Death-Race. Start a dramatic race with simple keystrokes. You can use the right arrow to both accelerate and lean forward. At the same time, the left arrow key can cause the entity to move backwards or tilt backwards.

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