The Walking Dead 3D

The Walking Dead 3D is a new online game based on a popular television show. You play Rick, a veteran police officer who awoke in the hospital from a coma and was taken aback by what he saw. The streets of his town were chaotic. Some people attacked others mercilessly. They bit their victims, transforming them into the walking dead, sometimes known as zombies. Playing the game requires you to assist Rick in killing the walkers with a knife, rifle, and other weapons. After your death, gather weapons, supplies, and first-aid kits. How long can you last in this lifeless city, and how many people can you kill before they encircle you and rip you apart? Let's play and put your abilities to the test by living as long as possible in the zombie apocalypse.

How To Play

  • L - hide the mouse cursor.
  • WASD - control.
  • Left mouse - shooting.
  • R - reload.
  • Shift - running.
  • Space - jump.
  • 1-7 - weapon change.

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