Supercars Drift Racing Cars

Supercars Drift Racing Cars

Supercars Drift Racing Cars is a classic racing game that makes it impossible to sit motionless in your seat. Here, you can become a true racer and prove yourself. Buckle up before you press the accelerator pedal to the floor! On the turn, you must exercise extreme caution because the automobile may drift and collide with something. Try to slow down around the curves. Be cautious since your opponents will always want to gain an advantage. Showcase all of your racing skills, win every race, and become the champion. Earn money for racing, purchasing new cars, and customizing their colors. Get ready to enter the world of steep racing. There will also be a diverse selection of attractive and strong vehicles! 

How To Play

  • WASD/Arrow keys - drive.
  • Space - handbrake.
  • C - change the camera view.
  • Esc - menus.

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