Only Up

Only Up

Only Up is a compelling platform-climbing game in which a boy hops on various surfaces to gain higher levels and explore the bizarre universe. With Only Up, prepare for a journey filled with surreal sights. In this game, players control a young boy named Jack as he attempts to soar to the sky. While navigating the various terrains, keep an eye out for opportunities to climb higher and take in the gorgeous landscape along the route. The gameplay is challenging and brings immense joy upon reaching higher levels. Don't worry if you tumble to the ground; it's all part of the experience, but you'll have to catch up on your progress.

Game Controls

To begin your journey, click the "Start" button. Following that, the game will take you directly to Jack, who is already standing on the ground. Hover your mouse to explore, and use the WASD keys to direct Jack. To get him to jump, hit the spacebar. 

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