X-Trial Racing

X-Trial Racing will take you on a journey full of adventure and drama. You have to face extreme challenges and conquer wild and sandy roads. With a dirt bike and a classy racer character, are you confident of winning?

In this physics-based driving game, your task is to guide the motorcycle through complex terrain and reach the finish line. Each segment is a challenge for the entity's control and balance skills. Your score in each round will be evaluated according to the number of stars.

To completely defeat X-Trial Racing, you need to overcome 30 difficult levels. Don't let bumpy roads and dangerous obstacles stop you. Show off your skills and feel the thrill of each step further along this challenging path. Do you have enough courage to become a champion? Start your journey and conquer all the challenges on the track right away!

Master Your Controls

Note that the main entity in this game has strong relative movement. Therefore, you should do it many times to get used to this feature and master it. Gamers can use the arrow keys to maneuver the motorcycle.

  • Up arrow: go straight; you can press and hold to accelerate.
  • Down arrow: go backwards.
  • Left arrow: puts gravity behind the character.
  • Right arrow: puts gravity in front of the character.
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