House of Hazards

House of Hazards

House of Hazards is a humorous skill game. In House of Hazards, you race to perform numerous tasks within a flat as your opponents track your movements in real time and construct traps to beat you. Avoid obstacles such as falling lamps and swinging cupboards in order to accomplish all of your goals and win the round. Similarly, prevent your opponents from accomplishing their duties by activating your own traps at the appropriate times. Pay attention to the wheel of fortune at the end of each game to discover the rules for the following round. 

House of Hazards will feature two game modes: normal and timed. In timed mode, you must hurry and finish the task as soon as possible because time is limited. Overcome all hurdles with caution and don't let the strange, magical things get to you. Are you ready to have a dangerously fantastic time? Guys, do you believe in magic? 

How to play

First player controls:

  • A/D - movement.
  • W - jump.
  • S - attack/duck.

Controls for the second player:

  • J/L - movement.
  • I - jump.
  • K - attack/duck.

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