Helix Jump

Helix Jump is a fun and addictive 3D game that can help you pass the time; you can always open it and have a wonderful time. This is a fun jumping challenge game in which you must help a ball descend to the bottom of a spiral maze. Jump Helix uses the classic ball as its theme, and you jump forward in the rising spiral staircase.

Helix Jump is a casual game with basic but addicting gameplay principles. In the game, you must steer a bouncing ball down a series of circular platforms until you collapse. To avoid landing in restricted zones, fall through the cracks. Control the spiral labyrinth's rotation to help the ball fall to the bottom; rotate it to discover spaces for the ball to fall through and eventually reach the bottom of the labyrinth. How long can you keep the squid balls moving in this challenging puzzle game?

How to play

Hold the left mouse button to rotate the tower.

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