Hill Climb Racing 2: The sequel

Enter the beautiful green land of Hill Climb Racing 2 and go on a breathtaking journey like never before! You will experience driving gameplay through peaceful countryside but with extremely awkward terrain. Players will control an off-road vehicle capable of adapting to any situation, of course, thanks to your skills. With attractive physics-based driving gameplay, players will test their dexterity with each keystroke.

The Detailed Gameplay

Endless roads in Hill Climb Racing 2 will open with diverse game modes. You need to complete certain targets to unlock new lands. During the journey, your vehicle can collect coins and gas tanks. Why is gasoline necessary? Because as soon as you enter the round, whether you move or not, the main entity's fuel automatically and continuously decreases. Therefore, you need to quickly navigate the car to the nearest gas station to have enough energy for the non-stop journey. Don't forget to use the accumulated bonus coins to unlock new skins for your character and off-road vehicle.

Maneuver Your Physics-Based Vehicle

You need to master the keys to have flexible key combination improvisations. What kind of challenging experience will the arrow keys have?

  • Up arrow: go straight and speed up.
  • Down arrow: brake and go backwards.
  • Left arrow: leans towards the back of the vehicle.
  • Right arrow: lean towards the front of the vehicle.

How To Play



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