Traffic Racer

In Traffic Racer, players can participate in demolition races, road races, or even time trials. Each mode offers a unique racing experience, from overtaking cars in heavy traffic to trying to cover the farthest distance in the allotted time.

Traffic Racer also has a diverse mode system and allows players to adjust the weather during their rounds. Don't worry, because this factor will only slightly affect your vision and will not affect the main entity. You can choose a beautiful sunny day, a peaceful dark night, or a rainy day.

Four Marvelous Game Modes

  • One Way: You will participate in traffic in this virtual world on an endless one-way road. Even other vehicles will move in the same direction as your car.
  • Two Way: Traffic on two-way roads has never been simple. You will have to face unpredictable vehicles in the opposite direction.
  • Time Attack: This mode allows you to participate for a limited time. See how far you can go under this exciting time pressure.
  • Speed Bomb: This special challenge will turn your car into a time bomb. If it cannot be maintained well, the entity will explode, and the round will end.

How to Control

Note: Your vehicle only moves when the button is pressed. That means you can manage the speed of this object. The command keys in this game are:

  • UP arrow: go straight and accelerate.
  • LEFT arrow: steer left.
  • RIGHT arrow: steer right.
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