Ropes 2

Ropes 2

Ropes 2 is a bright and entertaining game. There are numerous stages, with a variety of rope-untying jobs waiting for you. You must demonstrate your ability to manage the tangled ropes that no one has ever been able to untangle. Don't waste time; start playing now and earn a lot of rewards! In front of you is a playing field with tangled ropes. You must untangle them so that each is distinct. After that, they will disappear from the playing area, and you will move on to the next stage. The gameplay becomes more challenging with each level as the ropes grow in size and tangle. Keep the ropes from crossing, and you'll receive a substantial payout. Dive into this puzzle game's fascinating universe and have fun. How much money can you earn by solving this difficult puzzle?

How To Play

Use the mouse. 

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