Retro Drift

Retro Drift is an addictive driving game with heart-stopping experiences in every drive through a series of continuous sharp roads. Players will maneuver a car that runs automatically through connected platforms suspended in the air. If your car falls into the city below, the round will end immediately. The retro-style music will become more exciting if you can collect the CDs scattered throughout the road.

The main entity's journey in Retro Drift is unlimited. Your score will depend on the length of distance the car can conquer. Note that some segments will require players to choose a travel lane. However, you don't need to worry because every path leads to a main track.

Drift with Your Virtual Car

Before entering the main round, if you are participating for the first time, you will enter a short tutorial. You just need to hold down to turn the car to the left and release to return to the original trajectory. The timing of pressing and releasing the key is extremely important. You will feel the thrill of every turn and constant progress after every attempt.

Some Tips to Master Your Control

  • Only drift when approaching a turn.
  • Concentrate to judge the drift of cars on narrow roads.
  • You can completely adjust the direction of the entity even while in the air.
  • Upgrade your car for diverse drifting experiences with your own style.
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