Police: City Chase 2

Police: City Chase 2

Police: City Chase 2 is a racing game on city streets with a stylish police car. You must restore order and peace to your city. Bring all criminals in your city to jail before they form a true gang. Despite your short tenure as a cop, the precinct recognizes your skill in dealing with crime. On the map, a yellow circle highlights career tasks that you must complete, in addition to chasing criminals. There are a total of ten assignments for you to complete before you can disarm the city's greatest criminals. After finishing all of the main objectives, you can continue working as a police officer, pursuing various petty offenders who aren't as dangerous as the genuine bandits. Are you ready to become a driver for the police force?

How To Play

  • Arrow keys - control
  • Z or Space - nitro
  • X or Shift - drift
  • C - change camera view
  • F - headlights
  • H - horn
  • J - on/off arrow for task direction
  • R - reset

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