Fruit Slicing Master

Fruit Slicing Master

Fruit Slicing Master is an old-fashioned knife-throwing game. What could be better and healthier than a glass of tasty juice in the morning? In the skill game Fruit Slicer Master, you must work hard to collect some juice. A sharp knife will be your tool, and fruit will float on top.

You'll need to throw knives to cut all of the fruits. If you toss the knife and it doesn't chop any fruit, you have to start over. Each victory will reward you with gold coins. Once you chop all the fruits in the current stage, the juice will flow into the glass. You can always use the money you earn to purchase new knives, but they come at a high cost. For each knife, you must save up one hundred coins. This game will allow you to effortlessly and naturally improve your dexterity and response time. Good luck and enjoy the game!

How To Play

Use the mouse - actions.

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