Fly Car Stunt 3

Fly Car Stunt 3

Fly Car Stunt 3 is a racing game with a sparkling neon background in which you must try to finish before the other player does. As you already know, this game offers a two-player mode, so you can easily play with a friend on the same computer. A genuine ride awaits you, in which you must drive through limited routes to reach the end of the level. Excellent highways with a neon and futuristic flair provide a completely unique experience. If your car crashes, it will recover at the last saved location, allowing you to continue the race. Prepare for the greatest racing challenges. Hot racing, nitro flying, and outrageous feats are about to begin. So, are you prepared to start racing? 

How To Play

1 player control:

  • Arrow keys - control
  • P - nitro
  • C - change camera view

2 player controls:

  • WASD - control
  • T - nitro
  • Y - change camera view

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