Adventure Drivers

Adventure Drivers

Adventure Drivers is a racing game that transports players to the scorching tropics along the ocean's coast, where the most experienced drivers will compete in severe races.

You can choose from a variety of levels on a large island map. Each race has only five participants, and you must cross the finish line as one of the first. If you beat your opponents and finish first, you will pass the level and earn coins and bonuses while opening the chests. To win, you must work your way through around 30 levels. Throughout the race, your opponents will attempt to outrun you in every way they can. They'll throw bombs at you and place mines in your path. Drive forward, regardless of your opponents, take the shortest route to the finish line, apply nitro, and leave the other racers far behind! There are many adventures ahead of you, so best of luck!

How To Play

  • Arrow keys - control
  • Space - jumps
  • Shift - nitro
  • Esc - use a bonus

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